Music is a universal language: this idea permeates Carolyn Malachi’s body of work. 

Malachi’s extensive performance history includes Jazz festivals and solo concerts in China, South Africa, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Kuwait. The performing artist, sound engineer, and educator received a Best Urban Alternative Performance GRAMMY Award nomination for her single "Orion” in 2010. She has released five albums and several singles. The latest, a cover of Phoebe Snow’s classic R&B / Folk song “Poetry Man”,  is set for Summer 2020 release.

Carolyn Malachi’s academic research focuses on the intersections of sonifcation and blockchain technology. As a sound engineer, she works with nonprofit organizations and independent artists while advocating for women within the music industry’s technical professions.

She volunteers her time to the Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation in Washington, DC and serves on the Recording Academy’s national board of trustees. Carolyn Malachi holds a masters degree in Audio Technology from American University, received a Fulbright for her work in three Eastern Caribbean nations, and celebrates the honorary doctorate bestowed by her undergraduate alma mater, Shepherd University.

The artist spends quiet moments listening for resonant frequencies in empty spaces. Her personal mantra is “onward and upward”.

Malachi’s voice curls around each note, completely in control but with a grip loose enough to let the music develop naturally. ” - Teta Alim


Jazz is a prominent ingredient for Malachi, the first member of her family since her great-grandfather to venture into music professionally. ” - Michael J. West

The Washington Post

Malachi’s “Oohs” and “Aahs” stack up faster than lasagna, the layers melting into each other, each one more tempting than the last.” - Christine Grimaldi

Washington City Paper

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